Private Storage IRA

Can an individual privately store their precious metals IRA?

The private storage of precious metals, commonly known as storing your precious metals either privately at your home or at a bank in a safe-deposit box, is a legal grey area, meaning the IRS has not approved nor disapproved of these private storage options, therefore making it into a grey area. At any time, the IRS can approve or disapprove of private storage options. As congress changes laws, the private storage of precious metals can be regulated at any time. In the meantime, the client is required to take precaution and necessary steps to avoid penalties. Although the client has the option to go through many different custodians, Monetary Gold does not give recommendations for selecting custodians, and is strictly a precious metals dealer.

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Private storage of precious metals is something we do not recommend. Contact your tax and/or legal attorney for more information, as Monetary Gold cannot be held accountable or liable for any decision an individual or client chooses to make regarding storing precious metals privately in a home or whether in a private storage facility. We do not recommend nor advertise private storage of precious metals.

Our mission is to help Americans attain a truly diversified investment strategy, pursuing portfolio protection in troubled times and growth during times of prosperity. Everyone should own gold to protect themselves, especially during periods of economic uncertainties.

Monetary Gold highlights the top 5 reasons why we believe you should give strong consideration to investing in silver and gold for your retirement:

  1. Global Currency Debasement
  2. Investment Demand for Gold Is Accelerating
  3. Alarming Financial Deterioration in the US
  4. Negative Real Interest Rates in Reserve Currency (US Dollar)
  5. Rising Geopolitical Tension

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