Bread causing $10-per-loaf sticker shock as inflation surges


Bread prices are becoming another source of sticker shock for grocery shoppers during a period of decades-high inflation, according to a report.

The price of artisanal bread and other premium options has hit $10 per 2-pound loaf at some grocery stores – turning a pantry staple into a pain point for consumers already facing financial headaches like $5-per-gallon gasoline.

At a Whole Foods in Manhattan, bread prices listed online ranged from $3.49 for a standard loaf of classic white bread to $6 and beyond for premium offerings. A one-pound loaf of Base Culture nut and seed bread cost $10.49.

Fairway Market offered similarly steep prices, with a bag of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls price at $10.19 and a classic brioche listed at $7.99. Loafs of white bread ranged up to $7.49, depending on the brand and size.

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